HSJI brings extrovert out of introvert

HSJI student walking to a class in Franklin Hall. Photo by Symonne  Stewart

As an upcoming senior, High School Journalism Institute student Lauren Winnefeld decided to enroll in HSJI in hopes of gaining a new experiences. She came to learn more about photography, but also learned about the social aspects of college.

“I’m trying something new and broadening my photography knowledge,”  Winnefeld said.

Being normally quiet and introverted, Winnefeld believes  that HSJI has helped her broaden her social bubble and allowed her to talk to students from many parts of the country.

“I am a lot more comfortable to talk to people, even if they are complete strangers. They’re not that scary,” Winnefeld said.

When it comes to campus living and being away from her home in Bedford, Ind., she believes she is better prepared for living in the campus dorms.

 “We have like a room together and I feel more comfortable,” Winnefeld said.

HSJI gives journalists an opportunity to not only learn, but to network in a college environment.  Winnefeld has used this HSJI experience in and out of the class to consider her future at IU and with a journalism major.

“When Im taking pictures I like to see it in a new eye, in a different way, Winnefeld said “ I’m prepared for the basics of college and I got to see how life is really is.”