HSJI Students Learn Photography By Shadowing Others

Jeff Gabbard, the adviser for Intro to Photography at High School Journalism Institute, wanted to teach students how to take different photos.  Gabbard had already showed his students how to take photos in a press conference style environment, but he knew day-in-the-life would allow for more experiences.

“If you are trying to take a picture of a class full of kids in school, that’s different from just trying to take a picture of one person who’s just speaking,” Gabbard said.  “You’re looking for one really good picture when taking a picture of a speaker, but that’s not always the case.”  

This is why he made his students pair up with another student from a different class and follow them around for a day, taking pictures of their routines.  

“I made the students make a photo essay,” Gabbard said.  “That way, they take photos that differ in distance and angle.  For example, a close-up would be ideal when taking a picture of someone writing while in other instances, they use other techniques.”

Gabbard also said that the experience allows the student to make new connections with people.  

“I got to follow around a girl whom I had briefly seen three days ago,”  Princeton High School junior Niyel Dunkley said. “It was kind of awkward at first but we sort of became friends. It also helped me with my photographic skills.”

The pictures taken by the students are being put up at the HSJI website for anyone to see.  

“I just hope that they will be able to take these skills back home and apply where they may be needed,” Gabbard said.