HSJI Survival Guide

At camp, especially a journalism camp, you want to step out of your comfort zone. Go out and meet people so you have new friends for the week and maybe for life. Besides, that way you always have a buddy to explore the campus with. Just push the boundaries and do more than you are comfortable with–it will be more fun than you can even imagine.

You may not have realized it yet, but at camp there is a lot of walking. Don’t get me wrong, you are working as a journalist in a computer lab, but you can’t do everything from the inside of a classroom. Bring multiple pairs of walking shoes. It may not seem that important, but by the end of the week you are going to want that second pair of shoes. Aside from sensible, yet fashionable footwear, you want to be prepared for the weather and don’t forget to bring a buddy. Carry your umbrella and a jacket wherever you go because you might not what to get stuck in a rainstorm or a cold classroom unprepared.

Now we move towards a topic constantly plaguing every camper’s mind: food. At camp, you get your meal card, and it takes care of some of the meals, but it doesn’t cover everything. The magic word here is snacks: everyone likes that midnight snack, so it is in your best interest to bring a boatload of food with you in case you get struck with a case of the munchies. Now if you didn’t bring a bag of food, do not fear, for the convenience stores are near. Go to the store and stock up on snacks in your room because you won’t regret it, especially when you get hungry later.

Amongst all of the amazing sessions going on this week, you may need help finding the best restaurants on campus. Now where could you possibly go for that? Talk to your counselors.  Your counselors are your best friends this week, and they can help you with anything you could possibly need.

Most of all, have fun. This camp is for you. It’s for you to explore, it’s for you to learn and it’s for you to experience.  You can decide the kind of camp you will have this week, so make it amazing.

Story and Video Editing by Sarah Mullins

Video and Audio by Sarah Mullins and Julie Bahr