Impact of The Region

Using Yearbook to Express Creativity

Allie Smith, a senior at Crown Point High School, is able to use yearbook to express herself and the people around her. “Yearbook has been a big part of my life for several years now.”

Allie Smith says she’s from Chicago because it’s the nearest city to Crown Point, Indiana, her hometown. Many like to describe their origin as The Region. Allie said, “The Region consists of the seven or eight towns surrounding Crown Point. All the high school kids get along really well and all hangout. There is of course a rivalry between all the schools, but in the end we all get along.”  

Allie, who used to run cross country and play basketball, found that yearbook was a perfect hobby to showcase her knowledge of The Region and people/places around her. Her success in yearbook goes into her ability to represent the people who are apart of her community and have roles in people’s lives.  “Living in such a big community around a whole lot of different people have definitely helped me open up to people and feel comfortable having conversations.” When asked about her school life and hobbies (other than yearbook), Allie explained her school with funny descriptions and helped others who weren’t familiar with The Region to grasp the more Indiana lifestyle. With references to truck lines, farms, and types of students, Allie is obviously passionate about how The Region is represented and how it’s impacted her life. 

Yearbook is an outlet for her to express creative ideas and show student life outside of just classrooms. Being around different types of people and areas has benefitted Allie greatly, letting her work with others well and create spreads that represent everyone. “Yearbook impacted me because when I joined, I had my sister on staff with me and she opened me up to it. At first I did not want to be a part of it and now it is one of the biggest things that has impacted me in my life. I have made so many new friends and have gone on so many fun trips through yearbook.”

Because of her job in yearbook, Allie has found a passion for designing. Currently deciding between colleges, Allie knows she wants to become an interior designer and thanks yearbook for this. She says, “Design has always been a passion of mine. I have always wanted to be involved in it somehow. After I’ve been in yearbook, I started wanting to design houses and I found a real interest in it.”