International Impact

Going International with Maggie

Only a select few people in this world have huge impacts on other people’s lives. However, there are also a select few children have an impact on young adults as well.

This is what Maggie Foley is all about.

During spring break 2018, Maggie went on a mission trip with her church youth group, High School Ministry to the Dominican Republic in a small town called Navarrte, just outside of Santiago. “I felt reserved about traveling third world countries.” Foley said on her thoughts about going out of the country. While she was there, she helped lead sports camp everyday, then at the end of each day, they had bible lessons for the kids.

“After being there, I realized that the people are just like us. Our cultures are different.” Foley said. Sometime during the trip, Maggie met a six year-old boy named Oliver. “He’s a sweet little boy!” Foley remarks. He was like her little best friend for the entire trip! They were inseparable. In fact, during one of the bible lessons that Maggie was leading, Oliver came up to her and held her hand and never sat down. Right before she left, Oliver’s mother wrote her letter on behalf of him saying that he loves Maggie and she is his butterfly. They both and huge impacts on each other.

Let’s meet Maggie.

Martinsville HS senior Maggie Foley sits near the Sample Gates at Indiana University during the 2018 High School Journalism Institute. She’s enjoying the beauty of campus while she is there. Foley would love to major in International Studies at Indiana University.

Maggie Foley is a rising senior at Martinsville High School located in Martinsville, Indiana. Throughout her student life at Martinsville, she plays golf and is involved in activities such as Yearbook, Spanish Club, National Honor Society and Prom Committee. After high school career, she plans to attend Indiana University to major in International Studies. “I am very curious about the rest of the world and how it works.” Foley said.