James Shin personality profile

Lots of people do not push themselves to their full potential, but one Asian American kid is putting it all out there to get to the school of his dreams.

James Shin lives a average life. He lives in a neutral family, steady income and go to a local catholic school in Arcadia, California.

When Shin was asked how he plans to how he planned to get into his dream university he responded “It’s simple I want to keep my GPA high my SAT score high and do things that other candidates wouldn’t do,”

James does such things by volunteering his time to local homeless centers and red cross associations in the area. You might say well other people spend their time doing community service to but on top of all that Shin’s does other things.

“When I’m not volunteering at the Red Cross or homeless shelter I’m either going to ACT prep, meeting with my college counselor, or I’m making music with my rock band Sibling Rivalry,” Shin said.

Shin is well rounded, creative, and on top of that is fluent in Korean and English, Spanish is also making its way into Shin’s dialect. Shin does a lot of things but everything he does, he does it to his fullest capabilities.