Known for Decades as One of the Finest Theatres

By Deiana Forde, Greenwood Community Highschool

Evelyn Luevanos, Speedway High School

The Tivoli Theatre was known for decades as one of the finest theaters in the country. Almost a century later, the theatre stands tall in the heart of Spencer, Indiana.

Tivoli’s history has ignited the process of reconstructing the building after a 14-year shutdown.​​ The people of Spencer knew the importance of the theatre to their community, but nothing would prepare them for the connections it would make for so many people around them. Andrea White, the director of the theatre, knows first-hand the different relationships the theatre has enhanced. As she met her husband in the theatre. “During my volunteer time, I reconnected with who is now my husband, and it is with his influence that I decided to take the position of director because he was a volunteer here on the board. You can say we are Tivoli’s love story,” said White.

Volunteers are the workforce of the theatre. Volunteers have allowed the theatre to maintain a positive atmosphere and build a deep connection with each other in the community. “I volunteered because I was new to the community, and I wanted to meet people, and the reason I’ve continued to volunteer is because the people are great,” said Lydia Perron. The volunteers radiate positivity and smiles, making the experience ten times better than simply walking in and out of the theatre.

The memories made at the theatre are one-of-a-kind. Due to the effects of Covid-19, the director decided to open up to the idea of private rentals. “People come to watch a movie with family or friends, and that allowed them to get out of the house and still feel in a safe environment,” said White. White expresses sentimental feelings about watching her daughter grow up in such a fulfilling environment. “I get to see my three-year-old growing up in the theatre, and she’s here and learning about making this place something people can enjoy,” said White.

Expanding to private rentals has allowed the theatre to keep up with modern changes while still making a profit, but so has the contribution of patrons who support the theatre. Patron’s contributions to the theatre have seen an increase in attendance. “It affects business around here. I know we are so much busier when there is a good movie running next door,” said Ben Williams.

As Tivoli continues to stand, the love of its community will remain, and the relationships and bonds made will continue to thrive.