Lead Between the Lines

Senior Emily Chambers finds leadership in school activities

According to Forbes Magazine, commitment, confidence and intuition are just a few of the ten qualities that make a great leader. Senior Emily Chambers from Southport High School has attained numerous leadership qualities in her high school career alone.

Chambers was a leader in three high school activities. Not only did she excel in yearbook, she had also found leadership in Southport’s Booster Club, an organization that is in charge of the student section at sporting events and pep sessions.

“The former Booster Club members told us that it is a lot of hard work and that people will get mad at us on Twitter. I had to fill out an application, make a flyer for a specific sporting event in school and went through an interview process,” Chambers said. “Six people get elected and I happen to be the only girl.”

Smile on her face, senior Emily Chambers sits next to the Herman B Wells statue. Chambers utilizes her leadership skills in school activities. “I have always had leadership tendencies,” Chambers said. “I am strong, kind, loud and extroverted.” Photo by Andrea Bautista

While some other leadership opportunities came to her, Chambers and friends started a leadership group to improve their school’s soccer team.

“There are four of us that play on club teams and we’re really good so we started a leadership group my freshman year,” Chambers said. “I was a part of that my sophomore year and I have been co-captain my junior and senior year.”

Chambers followed the example of a former leader who guided her to the position of editor in chief of Southport High School’s yearbook. Here, she learned many of the leadership skills necessary for the job.

“I was friends with the old editor in chief. She was a sophomore when I was a freshman. She had been in yearbook since her freshman year and she knew she would be editor in chief going into her junior and senior year,” Chambers said. “She told me, ‘If you join now, I can take you under my wing and when you are a senior, you can be editor in chief.’”

Whether it is within the Booster Club, the soccer team or the yearbook staff, Chambers could pass down countless skills to leaders to come.

“[To be a leader], you must stand your ground but be kind to people you are in charge of,” Chambers said. “Don’t see yourself as better than someone else.” By Andrea Bautista.