Let's Make-up

Ava St. Pere loves makeup and the interest in it started when she was quite young. She expresses how much she adores it and how her Instagram account shows just that. 

        If you see her walking down the sidewalk on a normal hot summer day, you would not think she was much different from any other teenage girl you would see; but she has a story. Behind what you would see on a day-to-day basis, she has an Instagram that she uses to express her admiration for makeup.

           “It’s a canvas I get to take off every night and start again in the morning.” Ava, a Junior at Signature High School, talks about makeup as if it is an art form. She expresses her love for it like it means more to her than anything else in the world. The Instagram she posts her makeup looks on shows her hard work and dedication to her choice of expression. She talked about how it all really started, and the story behind it is nothing but heartwarming.

           On the opening, midnight premiere of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, she said how she and a friend were getting ready, and she convinced them that they should do their makeup to imitate the look of a vampire. A young fifth grade Ava asked her mom if she could use some of her products to try to create a look she desired to achieve. The cheaper Clinique line hadn’t really worked all too well, and she didn’t end up wearing the makeup to the premiere, but the experience is what sparked her interest in the newly found art form.

           She explained how in sixth grade, she “didn’t know how to balance anything. Every day I was going the whole nine yards. I wore a face full of makeup every single day.” There were times that people would pick on her for it. Ava knew that she loved what she was doing, but no one was really accepting it like a “normal” art form. She later learned the harmony it took for a day-to-day look. “I was tired of waking up so early in the morning just to do my make up.” Of course, at the time the hateful comments got to her, but later she realized, “the validation wasn’t as important. The only validation I needed was the night Kat Von D liked one of my photos.” Her eyes lit up with when she talked about how much she loves doing her makeup and how so many people in her life support her through it all.

“My boyfriend loves me completely bare faced and with a face full of makeup. He’ll send me looks that he thinks I should try. My mom and dad both support me as well. Not as much as all of the spending I do for it, but they support the actual art of it,” she laughed. She conveyed her fondness

Ava takes the time to edit a photo she wants to upload to her account. He smiles at the look she worked so hard to accomplish. “This is one of my favorite looks I’ve done,” she conveyed.

of the brands Anastasia and Kat Von D, the brands she uses the most. The two are quite popular among the beauty community, but they’re also not extremely cheap. Ava knew that going into it, she would be spending a lot of money. Makeup is not a cheap industry, but she loves it anyway. “I got everything that my favorite beauty gurus were using. I wanted to be able to follow along precisely with the tutorials.”

Beauty vloggers like Manny MUA and Nikkie de Jager (aka NikkeiTutorials) are very beloved in the beauty world. They are well known for their astounding looks and their brilliance in makeup. She expressed how she was so influenced by people like Manny and how she doesn’t think the beauty

world would be the same without people like him. “I don’t think that makeup was really accepted as an art from until 2016 when people like Manny MUA were making it normal to do makeup.” 

Later, she disclosed that people who were picking on her, didn’t bother her anymore. With the years of experience she has now, she believes she’s improved much more. The looks she posts rack up likes once their posted. To this day, her Instagram account has 500+ followers and counting, and she has no plan to stop any time soon.