Life of upcoming journalists at HSJI shared

HSJI students work place and conference room
Photo by Symone Stewart

HSJI has been giving students opportunities to learn new ways to improve on their skills and to give new experience to incoming journalists, such as working in sports, news writing and also photojournalism and design. Melanie Delgado and Rahul Parikh are both students in the HSJI program.

“I decided to come to HSJI because of how well known it is for its journalist program. It also allows me to gain more experience in my field,” Parikh said.

Parikh has been working in the sports writing class and has been improving his skills, being able to look through new perspective angles. He has been able to learn about making the story more intriguing, able to change the format of the story, and able to find different perspectives from different sides of the story.

“HSJI is a very challenging program, but I always like taking on new challenges,” Delgado said.

Delgado is another student in the HSJI program who is taking a Design class. During the interview she explained that journalism is a brand new experience to her and is quite challenging. The main problem has been that she has never had experience in the field of journalism and many of her other classmates already do. Delgado said that she appreciates the fact that HSJI tries so hard to help out all of these students and tries to make the experience more enjoyable for the students who have never had this experience.

“The HSJI program is a really good program that should be given much thought and consideration for those who want to become a journalist,” Delgado said.

Delgado said that the program should be pursued by someone able to give all of their time to because of how much work and how challenging the program is.

“I’m glad that there are programs such as this to help out students to understand what they are going to get themselves into later in the future and to be able to help those who want to try something new and gain a new experience,” Delgado said.