Making a Difference in the World

From needing help herself as a premature baby to dedicating her time to help the disabled

Josie Bucker laughs nervously as she tries to figure out a pose standing next to the well known red clock located in Indiana University at Bloomington on a sunny afternoon on July 11th, 2017.

“ I’ve been volunteering since a young age because my family was really involved in volunteer work, especially with kids with disabilities because my brother had cerebral palsy. I’ve been working with kids with disabilities ever since I can remember so it has just become a part of my life, honestly.” – Josie Bucker 2017.

Josie Bucker was born exactly 99 days earlier than she was supposed to at the St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis making her part of a triplet group while also including the first-born sister.

Being born prematurely, her body was clearly underdeveloped causing weak lungs and her eyes being closed shut. Josie is a strong and caring woman as she dedicates her time to those in need. Bucker is very involved in her community and is a rising senior at Southport High School as well; she is part of the Yearbook Club, National Honors Society, and Volleyball. She really enjoys being a help in her community, so she joins events like being a camp coordinator for the disabled people and helping out on the weekends outside of school dedicating her time to the disabled.

The Bucker family recently welcomed a kitten named “Aria” to the family in May. This kitten was being “sold” in a sketchy house along with its siblings in a box that said “Free Kittens”. Josie’s brother saw the opportunity to being able to provide a house for the kitten. Nate cares for others as well just like his sisters and parents. Josie really enjoys giving help to the community so she wants to turn her passion into a living for herself in the future so it works out both ways.

As a rising senior in high school, the pressure gets deeper to know what you want to do with your life with college approaching in the fall. She plans to aim for nursing in college. She is still debating between physical therapy or being with the disabled but plans to be in the  medical field. Josie has been volunteering to help those in need since she was younger as her family does too. Helping people runs in the bloodline of the Buckers and they proudly own up to it.