Media School students host information session for HSJI

Several students from the High School Journalism Institute visited Franklin Hall during lunch on July 11 to casually talk with Indiana University journalism students and representatives about the Media School. 

The event was headed by Assistant Director of Student Services Leya Taylor and Maria Cambone, and they received many questions about the honors school and direct admittance, as well as job opportunities and internships. 

“This was a pretty informal event,” Taylor said. “[HSJI director] Teresa [White] just kind of asked us to come talk to students and, of course, we were happy to because we were both available. Everyone was really interested and asked a lot of great questions.”

Direct admittance to the Media School has specific requirements. A student must score either a 1310 on the SAT or a 28 on the ACT and have either a 3.70/4.00 GPA or rank in the top 15% of their class.   In addition, a student can apply for one of the two honors programs offered—the Ernie Pyle scholars, available to journalism majors, and the Media scholars, available to media or game design majors. Both programs have 16 available spots for each incoming freshman class. 

“There’s a panel of faculty that work at the media school that decide which 32 people they are offering it to,” said Taylor. “And we have 150 applicants or more; it’s pretty competitive.”

The Student Media Organization also runs out of the media school, and that gives students a chance to showcase their talents by helping for the school newspaper, yearbook, and radio and TV stations. 

“They’re doing all kinds of things throughout the year, where they’re doing live tapings or writing things, as well as podcasts and live video,” Taylor said. 

According to Taylor, there was a consistent stream of about eight-12 HSJI students conversing with IU students at a time, and Taylor and Cambone believed the event was a big success. 

“I think it went very well,” Taylor said. “I’m excited to do it again with the students that are coming next week, and hopefully next year, too. And the snacks were nice too. Who doesn’t love snacks?”