Meet Asia Porter


Asia Porter a junior at Mason High School and an avid writer.

She’s from Mason High School in Mason, Ohio and she loves to play volleyball. Also Asia Porter and her sister are exactly four years apart in age to the day.

When she was younger she enjoyed playing soccer, but as she got older she quit and went to volleyball. Another thing she enjoys doing is playing the piano at her church where she is involved in the youth ministry as well as several others. She was in her high school band but she had to quit when she found that it didn’t fit into her schedule.

When not at church, practice, or school Asia spends time at popular local attractions like Kings Island, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other spots around town. She also spends time with her older sister who currently attends the University of Richmond in Virginia.

She has fun taking care of and playing with her small dog, a Maltese named Macho who is her only pet.  In her free time she also enjoys writing. As she says ” I could sit and write all day.” She writes everything from essays, to short stories, to poetry.

She doesn’t read much but she did say she liked the work of John Green, specifically Looking for Alaska. She said “some people don’t like his writing but I do.” All in all Asia has many interests and many talents.