More than a Flower

Laughing at a friend, senior Bernice Campos is full of life. “I’m always happy and bubbly as a person, overall I enjoy good vibes,” Campos says

Senior Bernice Campos sees flowers as much more than the average person, some would say even a metaphor for her life.

A memory can be caught in a picture, a video, a recorder or even a text message. So would you believe with me if I told you a flower was a memory that held a thousand words. Well for  senior Bernice Campos she would strongly agree, Campos has had a deep love for flowers starting all the way back to the age of 4.

When Campos was younger her family would go on trips to Mexico to visit her grandmother whom was also in love with flowers. This was her first trip that she could remember so when she saw her grandmother’s garden something stuck.

“Because I was shy I feel like I have blossomed kind of like a flower” she said. Throughout Campos life she’s been very timid and diffident. Just as a flower at the beginning of it’s life awaiting it’s bloom. She describes a special connection she sees deeper than the flowers’ beauty.

“I just like what they represent like growth and uniqueness, because all flowers are different but pretty in their own way,” she said.

Campos also relates the flowers to her culture.

“I love my culture, and how for many family is everything,” she said. Campos culture and her love for flowers fill  positive vibes throughout her atmosphere on a daily.

   Using flowers as a metaphor for her life Campos  is now  practically blooming through her shell.  “My culture is also very colorful based and that’s why I feel like flowers kind represent me,” Campos said.