More than Music

Despite rough patches in her life, Smith recovers with music.

Danielle Castaneda

Personality Portfolio on Sidney Smith

Staying connected to her friends even when she’s not home, Sidney Smith sits outside of Franklin Hall, across from the statue of Ernie Pyle. Smith is the Student Life editor for the Zionsville High School yearbook. “I love that I get to experience something that I know will help improve our book this year,” Smith said.

Sidney Smith is going to be a senior at Zionsville Community High School. Sidney currently lives with her mom, Melissa, her cat, Kanye, and her dog, Mac. She is close with her half-sister that is 9 months older than her and lives in Fishers. Sidney enjoys watching Netflix, making people laugh, her social life, and being in charge, but what she mainly does in her free time is listen to music, her passion.

Music speaks to Sidney. Growing up, Smith had only known what it was like to have divorced parents. Due to the divorce she was never able to create a strong bond with her father. The divorce put a toll on her relationship with her mom as a young child. Her mother focused on getting back to her normal self, while all Smith heard throughout her elementary years were sad songs. She remembers hearing Coldplay, Alicia Keys, or pretty much any song in the 2000s that had to do anything with a breakup or a significant other. The divorcing of her parents displayed the fact that music can and will impact your life in ways that you allow it to.

“When I want to feel confident I listen to Rihanna. When it is a sunny summer day and I want to be happy I listen to Jason Aldean or Country. When I’m sad about something you bet I’m gonna listen to Sam Smith. I love the way music makes me feel,” said Smith.

She saves hip-hop and rap for the late nights and alternative for the lazy days. She could be feeling happy, sad, mad, annoyed, excited, or nervous. That all could easily change by playing just one song and singing at the top of her lungs.

Going into high school nervous and optimistic, Smith used music to get through her ups and downs. She used music to motivate her with school and physically. Music kept her focused on school which led to success. Smith’s music was also used for her emotions. Going through a breakup freshman year, major family problems sophomore year, and finding her real friends junior year, it was all a struggle. When Smith felt like she had no one to talk to or no one that one understand her she turned to music. She started making playlists for certain moods or occasions. With thousands of songs being available to her at anytime she was able to get through a lot.

“Without music I don’t know if I would have been able to get through my first heartbreak, my obnoxious family issues, being cheated on, and losing best friends that really weren’t the best. Music helped me everyday on small things or big things,” exclaimed Smith.

Smith’s passion about music affected her everyday life. She has used it in the past for challenges, uses it in the present, and will continue to use it in the future. Smith allows music to impact her life in a positive way. For her she would not know what to do without music.

“Music is a part of me, it always will be,” said Smith.