New Places and New Faces

Finding Friends Through Her Passions

Kailee Rockers (junior) plays volleyball for her school, Zionsville Community High School, as well as Team Indiana. “I think it would be really fun and exciting if I were to play in college,” Kailee said.

From California to Illinois to Pennsylvania, back to California, Pennsylvania, and finally, Indiana. Kailee Rockers has moved five times in her 16 years of living. From state to state, she drops everything to follow her dad, who works as a warehouse manager. His business has expanded from one warehouse to seven, leading him and his family across the United States. 

In fifth grade, Kailee moved to Pennsylvania and met some of her best friends to date. For the four years she resided there, she built strong bonds and watched as her friends grew. It is clear that the move from Pennsylvania to Indiana was a tough one. 

There are both positives and negatives to moving this much, according to Kailee. She said that “Moving all around the US allows me to experience different climates and cultures. I get to meet a lot of different people…” She has friends from all across the country and has adapted to many cultures. These are obvious advantages to moving so much, but there are setbacks as well. 

Kailee said, “It’s really scary moving to new areas. I always imagine the worst possible situations.” New students face experiences such as having “no friends to sit with at lunch…” There are many long-term effects of moving as well. Kailee said, “It definitely takes me a while to open up to new people.” With so many moves, it is often hard to find a true passion. This isn’t the case for Kailee.

In 7th grade, while she was living in Pennsylvania, Kailee started playing volleyball. Here, she found her true calling. Currently, she plays for Team Indiana as well as her school, Zionsville Community High School. She recently returned from a trip to Florida for nationals with Team Indiana. She has found many of her friends through both of her teams. 

Although she loves playing volleyball, Kailee isn’t sure if she will continue playing in college. “I’m considering playing volleyball in college. I feel like it depends on the offer though. I don’t see myself going to a very small college because I want to put my education and future career first.” Even though she hasn’t found herself in one place for very long, Kailee continues to be passionate about volleyball and values the friendships she made along the way.