No Regrets

Over time, peoples’ interests change. From stuffed animals to makeup, from dolls to skateboards; maturity evolves people and what they believed they would love forever. However, sometimes the change is not a choice; sometimes, events force people to leave what passions they thought defined them and find new ones. For junior Sydney Moren, it was an ATV accident at the beginning of her fifth grade year.

Although Moren’s injury took place nearly six years ago, it continues to haunt her today. “Nearly everything I’ve done from 5th grade to high school has had some some of impact going back to my accident,” she said. “Being so young it was emotionally traumatizing to have a such a large vehicle run over my entire leg.” 

Moren had been an avid athlete in many sports, such as track. Sports were a huge part of her life; but, because her injury doesn’t allow for her to play sports anymore, she was forced to find other passions. She became devoted to yearbook and has cultivated her love for marine conservation and biology as well. 

“I consider the ocean my escape from emotional issues. From 8 years old it has always been my getaway to lose stress. I put a lot of focus into watching how I can help the planet & encourage my friends.”

Consequently, Moren’s passion for the ocean became more than just that; it became her life. She is an avid activist for saving the environment and our oceans. She always watches what she uses and consumes in order to avoid contributing to the Earth’s pollution.  After she graduates, she plans on attending a college in Florida with a minor in marine conservation and a major in marine biology. 

“[My accident] has affected me in nearly every decision I make and how I choose to live my life [having been] near death through multiple surgeries and ongoing injuries,” she stated. “I wouldn’t go back and change anything, because I’ve been in a bunch of hard situations and I’ve gotten into a mindset of not regretting anything because I know how fast the moments can come and go.” 

This was created on InDesign as a mod. I decided to use the pull quote that I used because it resembles Sydney Moren’s resilience and the importance of using your experiences to mold yourself into the person that you want to be. I also thought that it was important to show Moren’s scar, as it is part of who she is and her story.