Not Your Typical Teen

Scrolling through The New York Times, senior Molly Murphy reads through a political article. Murphy has always had a special interest in keeping up with current events and wanting to be involved. “Politics and activism are things that I am passionate about because I like the idea of being able to make a difference.”

Senior Molly Murphy is influenced by diversity in her school, which may lead her to her future career.

   From a small private school to a large public school, senior Molly Murphy gets a taste of a typical high school life.

“I am very open minded and because of the diversity of my school, I know a lot of people from different backgrounds,.” Murphy said.

She has been involved in a program at Merrillville High School called Socially Together And Naturally Diverse (S.T.A.N.D) for the past three years now. It is group of students that come together to do community services and raise awareness about social injustice.

“This has opened my eyes to people’s differences and it has helped me appreciate the struggles of people who aren’t like me,” Murphy said.

   Politics and activism are things that she is truly passionate about, and has become involved in clubs that focus on those aspects.

“What seems boring to most is usually what is really interesting to me,” she said.

   Grammar, writing and music are also a few more of her closest passions. Her father played a huge role in her love for music because he was a huge Beatles fan. Murphy grew up listening to classic rock, but continue to expand her taste in music as she grew older.

“I will listen to any type of music from jazz to reggae to rap,” Murphy said. “Not country though.”

   Murphy’s future career is still undecided. She knows that she wants to continue to further her education with connections to the things that she is truly passionate about and is still searching through all the possibilities

“I love psychology, film, journalism, history and politics, so if I could somehow combine all of those that would be great.” Murphy said.