One-Track Mind

Sometimes it only takes one simple conversation to see someone in a whole different light, and that was exactly the case with Herron High School student Shelly Marshall.

“I’ve been running cross country since I was in 4th grade, but I don’t think I’m going to continue it next school year. I just have too many other things to do, like yearbook and advocacy work. Running is something I don’t need to do with the school to love. I honestly couldn’t live without it because it’s amazing for stress relief. I’ll definitely still be running in my spare time,” Marshall said.

Marshall runs up to it to swing around on it. Marshall loved being outdoors to see animals, especially while running.

Marshall’s eyes lit up and a grin stretched across her face the moment music was mentioned.

“I love musicals. I’m actually going to the broadway musical ‘Finding Neverland’ when it comes to Indiana this October. I even have front row tickets. My boyfriend can sing, so he’s in a lot of musicals too. And I used to play French horn in band, but I don’t own a French horn so I don’t play anymore,” Marshall said.

Marshall also admitted to having a crush on a particular basketball star.

“I have a pretty odd obsession with middle-aged men. By middle-aged men, I mean guys in their 20s– like Cody Zeller, for example. I love him so much. I’m not sure how it started, but it escalated very quickly. He’s just really funny and awkward, and I’m living for his dog. Seriously, you should go to his Instagram and look at his dog. If you go on my spam account on Instagram, you’ll see so many photos of him–and it’s fine because he’s single still,” Marshall said.

Marshall’s love for Cody Zeller’s dog and animals in general might have something to do with her view on consuming meat.

“I don’t believe animals should be killed for trivial reasons, so me eating meat is a trivial because I can pretty easily survive on other things. I know I’m very privileged in this way. My morals are my morals and I don’t judge anyone ever for eating meat,” Marshall said.