Past Times and Inspirations

A dedicated swimmer with aspirations to help others through her passion of teaching.

In third grade, senior Caroline Marot discovered her passion for swimming. When she felt the cool water on her face and the feeling of floating free with the lack of gravity, she decided that swimming is something that she would like to dedicate her time to. Caroline details that she chose this sport because “Both of my parents swam when they were younger and my doctor thought I would be good at it. I started it and I loved it.” She developed her skills through various swim competitions at her school. With these experiences, she decided that she can utilize them to help others. Last summer, Caroline lifeguarded at Freeman Springs Waterpark. While she is no longer dedicating her time to people in a very public setting, she is now teaching lessons at her own high school, Greenwood Community School.

Senior Caroline Marot details her love for teaching during a stroll through Indiana University: “This year I took dual credit US history and my love for it just grew.” Caroline plans to teach to middle schoolers or high schoolers, as she is currently in a Cadet Teaching program through Greenwood Community School. Photo by Gabrielle Steinacker.

Besides her love for swimming, Caroline inspires to be a social studies teacher in the future. While this subject is aimed at middle schoolers and high schoolers, she only has experience with children in elementary school. Caroline was inspired to enter her school’s Cadet Teaching program, not only because she loves teaching, but also because of her little brother, AJ, who has autism. Caroline’s love for her brother, teaching, and history itself are the key points as to why she plans to pursue teaching history in the future. Her parent’s also inspire her because her mom “…had a major in history and my dad had a binary in history”.

While she isn’t bustling with swimming and coaching, Caroline enjoys young adult romance novels. Although she hasn’t always enjoyed reading, Caroline confessed “I really recently found my love for reading sophomore year.” She typically enjoys sport-related romance novels like Catching Parker by Miranda Kenneally, science fiction novels like Cinder by Marissa Meyer, or a range of Christian novels by author Kristin Mcgee.

With interests of swimming, instructing, and reading, Caroline intends to use her strengths to further her passions and channel them into a future career of teaching.