Paying Attention to… Riley Austin

Riley Austin gets awarded NCC Champion in track and field.

Practicing her start, Riley Austin, 12, enjoys the beautiful campus. “IU has an amazing campus and I could see myself running here in the future,” said Austin.

     From being on the jump rope team in kindergarten, to the NCC Champion for track and field. Riley Austin, a senior, at Richmond High School in Indiana. At age five, Riley’s parents got a divorce. Even after the divorce, her parents were still devoted to her and brother, Bryce. Her parents work together to provide the best life possible for their child. This was a main key component to her success in athletics.

     Riley started her athletic success in kindergarten when she joined her elementary school’s jump rope team. The team would travel to other elementary schools and compete.

    “Being on the jump rope team was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I made so many lifelong friends and it really got me involved in school activities,” Austin said.

     Austin continued her jump roping all the way to eighth grade. This was one of her first experiences in athletics.

     As middle schooler, Riley wanted to join more athletic teams. She decided to join her middle school’s volleyball team. Austin only played volleyball in middle school.

     “I have always had a love for volleyball because my dad plays on a league of his own. I wanted to play in high school but soccer was in the same season so I had to make a decision,” Austin said.

     In addition to playing volleyball in middle school, Austin participated in rec soccer. Little did Riley and her family know that this would just be the beginning of her soccer career.

       Before Austin knew it, she became a high school student. Richmond High School offers 35 different sports, providing many options to the students at Richmond. Riley Austin decided to continue her soccer career in high school. Austin played as a defender on the high school’s soccer team. Richmond High School has not won a girl’s soccer sectional title since 2007, but things changed. In 2016, Richmond High School won sectionals.

     “Winning was an awesome feeling because we come so close to winning it every year but always lose to the same team,” Austin said.

     The team advanced onto regionals, but didn’t advance further than that.

      Richmond High School also offered the option of track and field to Austin. Her track career was one of her most successful athletic careers. Austin participates in the 4×1, 4×4, long jump, and high jump. Austin won a NCC Champion in long jump.

     “It was a really cool experience because nobody else on my team got first place in NCC,” Austin said.

     This year was by far her most successful year being on the track team.  She also advanced onto regionals in 4×1, 4×4, and long jump.

Riley Austin has had many athletic successes throughout her lifetime. Starting out being on the jump rope team in kindergarten to being the NCC Champion in high school. With her determination and support from her family, Riley has achieved a successful athletic career.