Personality Profile of Zach Kaminsky

Zach is a person with many hobbies, interests, and overall a great person

Click… Click… Click… That is a sound that he heard quite often Click… Click… Click… A sound coming from the tips of his fingers. He works with haste and great suave. All of this information he is observing and obtaining is glowing right off of his face, a bright computer screen sits in front of him and he knows exactly where to go and how to do it. This isn’t the only aspect of the by the name of Zach Kaminsky, senior who is attending Crown Point High School, in fact there are many other great qualities besides being technologically savvy.
Along with the technological aspects, Kaminsky has a brilliant mind and proceeds to excel in every course he has taken. Zach has some upcoming classes in fall which are AP calculus, AP physics, composition and speech, yearbook, engineering courses, and government and economy. Along with these impressive courses, Zach also has taken his ACT and scored a 31. With a bright mind like that you can only imagine how far he can the end of his junior year. Zach ended the semester with a weighted GPA of 3.9.
Zach has a complete opposite side of his nerdy side, he also is a sports fanatic and has been in pole vaulting since his freshman year, and has exceeded some boundaries that no one thought he could do and has cleared 10 feet and continues his work in pole vault. Besides great grades and pole vaulting he is a breathtaking photographer which led him into the yearbook institute.
“Every Sunday we go to my grandma’s house because her lawn grows fast and we tend and care for her lawn, not only that I am always here for her and I assist her on the things she in incapable of doing, and I am unable to say no to her.” Kaminsky states.
he is very friendly and now that he is going to be a senior this coming Fall, he has lost a lot of great friends, through graduation, that he has met through his whole high school career, but as Zach continues through high school, he continues to grow not only mentally but he grows sociably as well.
With all of these clubs and sports he is interested in he does not have much time outside of school, but when he is enjoying his free-time he spends it listening to music and watching movies. Overall Zach is a very interesting person and never wastes time in and out of school he finds ways to be busy at any time.

Zach Kaminsky a senior at Crown Point High School. Kaminsky attends the High School Journalism Institute in July, and speaks of his interests and hobbies. “I’ve always had a passion of photography and I wanted to put it to use so I joined year book.” Kaminsky states.