Persuasion review:

    “Persuasion” at the IU Wells-Metz Theatre is a play based on the book by Jane Austen. I was privileged enough to see it recently. The performance was absolutely beautiful and realistic, but the only thing that I wish could have been different was the way that the cast would switch off from British accents to American accents it was confusing  because right after they would switch from narration to their main parts in the play.

        One cast member in particular who showed a good example of switching roles was Anne (Ashley Dillard) when she switched roles from narration to her main role. She would do a great job with automatically switching her facial expression and body language.

       In our society today there are many issues that people still face that have been going on since  the 1800s; although, many negative stereotypes have changed for the better many still remain the same.

        In  the book “Persuasion”, which was written by Jane Austen, is a play  that was recreated by Jennifer Le Blanc about a young  woman name Anne and her family along with other characters from in her town.Anne had been engaged to a sailor and they had broke off the engagement because she was listening to other people’s advice rather than going with what she thought.At one point during the play, she ends up seeing her ex fiance and nobody knows about their prior engagement accept for them.Anne stood quiet about it and so did he and she watched him flirt with her sisters.Ann was in so much pain and it was so obvious because she was treated poorly by most people in her life.The whole situation with her ex fiance goes to show how even today women will still stay quiet about something that’s hurting them and this is something Ann should have spoken up about.Some other interesting things about the play was the black box aspect of it.The director along with its cast members did a great job utilizing the small area that they had to set up to make the play more realistic to the audience. Jane austen’s themes and main points are still relevant in our society today.Especially the way that women might be perceived to always need a husband and many people today might agree or disagree with this statement. Overall, the play was amazing an I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.