Piano Woman

Student finds passion through music.

Bautista sits at a piano and listens to the sign on it that reads “Do Not Touch!”
“I really didn’t like the process at first but now every time I see a piano I want to play it,” Bautista said.

When Andrea Bautista was six years old her parents put her in piano lessons. Little did she know that this activity she dreaded so much would spark her musical passion. This spark led to her learning of three instruments, acting in three theatrical productions and working behind the scenes of five. Along with the piano lessons, Bautista’s older brother, Angelo, was also an inspiration to her and progressing her musical talents.

“He was in the shows and I wanted to join him when he was on stage,” Bautista said.

Once Bautista felt the need to join her brother on stage, she did exactly that. In the eighth grade she was in her first production; the three lines she had made all the difference in her musical path. She started choir and worked in the crew of her first high school production as soon as she became a freshman. Through joining these two groups she learned time management skills and learned how to be a team player. She loved being working on and in productions, the late night rehearsals, the drama-filled teens, and the memorization of lines and lyrics.

“It’s so much work but I’ve never had so much fun,” Bautista said.

According to Bautista, she had to work with people who were less than pleasant to work with, however, she did not let them damper her spirit. She kept her tone positive and kept working at her passion.