Putting the Best Foot Forward

Sometimes, the greatest achievements come when you are least expecting them.

For Mason High School junior Bryan Hudnell, this achievement came when he qualified for the state track meet as only a sophomore.

“It was such a cool experience because I was not expecting to go. The fact that I was a sophomore and made it to state was a pretty big deal,” Hudnell said.

Hudnell first became interested in track because his older brother was involved with the sport. He started running for the track team when he was in seventh grade, and he has had a passion for the sport ever since.

He runs in several events including the 200 meter dash, 4×100 relay, and the event in which he qualified in, the 4×200 relay.

Being the only sophomore on his relay team, Hudnell had to put forth a large amount of effort at practices. “I was really pushed by coaches and teammates,” he said, “It really helped me improve throughout the year,” Hudnell said. 

His relay team took home tenth place last year at the state competition, and he hopes to return to state during his remaining years of high school. “I really hope to get back to state and improve what we got.” Hudnell plans to remain focused and continue to put forth the needed effort to compete greater than ever before.