Ready for Quieter Quarters

Brian Garcia considers himself to be more quiet and reserved. “It’s easier for me to talk to people once I really get to know them,” he says when describing his personality. He currently goes to Noble Street College Prep. “Chicago is home,” he says. He is familiar with living in a big city, and in a diverse neighborhood with many unique shops. Despite being used to urban life, he says he prefers exploring smaller, quieter towns. “It really is a reflection of my personality,” says Brian.

His time here at IU has made Brian excited for his future. He is ready to venture away from home and explore new places. He plans on studying criminal justice and then either becoming a police officer or working in the CIA. “I definitely want to go to college out of state,” says Brian when explaining how he pictures his future. He loves the campus here in Bloomington and would love to go somewhere similar. Ideally he would love to go somewhere where he can bike a lot. That it one of his favorite things to do, and is another reason why he prefers not to stay in Chicago. Bikers are in constant danger when riding in busy city streets.

“Graduation could not come fast enough,” he says. Brian is very eager to move to a smaller town that fits with his personality, and where he can focus on his studies in a peaceful environment.

Brian enjoying the scenery on campus