Singing in the Spotlight

Elie Bucklin has a passion for singing the National Anthem with heart

She walked up on stage. Took hold of the microphone. Listened to the silence and after taking a large breath she sang the first note. Senior, Elie Bucklin, has a passion for singing and shares that with other people when singing the National Anthem. Growing up in a house where music was always playing, she knew her childhood was shaping her to love the musical world.

“I didn’t really realize I had any talent in singing until my first solo in choir in sixth grade when I was eleven,” Bucklin said.

Elie and her dad created a bond through music. Her dad played in a band and Elie loved to help him out.

“I helped him write songs when he needed to know if the harmonies he wrote fit together. I started helping him when I was ten. It wasn’t until I was fourteen, however, that I actually performed on Main Street with my dad,” Bucklin said.

After moving to Hamilton Southeastern, Elie realized that choir was not something she wanted to pursue. She actually hated it. She hated how everything felt fake. Elie wanted people to feel something when she sang. With show choir the moments that the songs would echo in the auditorium and give the audience chills came less and less often. Elie had a desire to be real and authentic.

“What I have come to do is sing the National Anthem. It is a song that if sung right can leave the audience emotional,” Bucklin sad.

Elie got inspired to start singing the National Anthem when her teacher suggested she try out to sing it at a Big Ten baseball game.

“I was called later and told that I had been given a game to sing at. I had to talk to several people before I was allowed to enter the Big Ten baseball game for free. Someone led me onto the field while I was introduced by the announcer,” Bucklin said.

Elie continued to sing at various colleges and high schools, including her own. She loved to sing with heart and make her audience proud.

“I can see myself singing here and there at coffee shops and small places, but I don’t think I will end up pursuing it as a main career. The reason is simply because it is difficult to make a living on,” Bucklin said.

Singing will always be a part of her life.

“It just has to be a smaller part,” Bucklin said.

Striking a pose, Elie Bucklin, 12, smiled for the camera. “Music has always been a passion of mine. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t continue to be in the future,” Bucklin said.