Singing the Blues

Ilene Rose Marzke plays “Umbrella” by Rihanna on Martin, her guitar, in a parking lot at Indiana University.-July 17, 2017.

Singer, musician, and rising junior Ilene Rose  Marzke began her high school career in a city much bigger than what she is used to. From 300 familiar faces at Rensselare Centeral to 3,000 new faces at Hamilton South Eastern High School was a change that took some adjusting. Ilene, however, has grown to love appreciate the school and the opportunities that come along with being a Royal.

Since she was little, Ilene has had a love for music. What started as her dad teaching her simple chords on the guitar has become preforming live at local businesses around her community and a desire to pursue The Musical Arts as a career. This free spirited, talented, and loveable Junior aims high when it comes to her future and is in persuit of happiness to the highest degree.

Personality Analysis