Small Town Different

Leaning against a wall, Martinsville High School senior Josey Lynn smiling to show a difference on IU campus. “I’m not too out there but I’ve gotten compliments on my dancing and style” Lynn said on July 12, 2017.

Growing up in small town Indiana, Josey Lynn was always surrounded by nature.  The central Indiana sun warmed her fair skin and red hair, which is why sunny yellow was her favorite color.

“I spend a lot of time outside just chilling in nature and hiking,” Lynn said.

A senior at Martinsville High School, Lynn planned to serve as design editor of her high school yearbook.

When outdoors, Lynn enjoyed hiking and kayaking.  But she wasn’t all about spending time in the woods and on the river.  She also enjoyed exploring little towns with unique shops.

“I like being in the woods because it’s peaceful and it’s a stress reliever when i’m overwhelmed” Lynn said.

Lynn is the sister to a deaf brother.  Her younger brother, Zach Lynn, is a 15 year old boy who was diagnosed deaf at the age of 2 years old. Zach had surgery and now wears an implant and hearing aid for him to be able to hear within his surroundings.  

“It’s been a long journey getting him to where he is today but it’s a blessing to have the technology we do today to allow him to hear” Lynn said.

Lynn is also passionate about animal abuse and cruelty.

“I would do anything in my ability to stop it and help out animals to protect them and the environment,” Lynn said.

But Lynn wasn’t all about serious issues.  She also enjoyed dancing to “Juju on that beat” at Ariana Grande’s concert, her favorite artist. She also enjoys the entertainment of the movie Good Burger, “Home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?” Josey is the person who she was made to be.