Snapchat's Bitmoji Snap Map Shows Kids Are Social Media Smart

With one simple pinch you can know exactly where your kids are if they have Snapchat. The new Bitmoji snap map created by Snapchat allows others to see young adult’s whereabouts, according Snap Inc. the news director of Snapchat updates.

From before birth parents worry about what is acceptable for kids and what isn’t. They invest their time making sure the peas you eat are not poisonous and dangerous for your health. Parents are internally worried and scared about whatever could or will happen you.

But in fact generation Z children are outsmarting their parents. What parents don’t realize behind closed doors is that in reality, kids are smart online. Although parents may think that their children have learned nothing, parents don’t give enough credit for them, especially while having many more risks than ever before. Snapchat acquired over 100 million daily active users during March according to How many People Use Snapchat In 2017?. Clearly illustrating how many people have access to the map.

Now most parents would automatically think that this map is creepy and that many child abductions could come into play according to A Guide to Snapchat’s Snap Map for Parents Who Are Freaking Out. In their eyes they think that kids will let anyone be friends with them on Snapchat regardless if it is someone they know.

Kids know more about the risks online than their parents might think. There is a feature called Ghost mode that prevents others on Snapchat see their location. Most schools also teach ways to be safe while using social media.

So in turns, the Snap map is not as bad as you may have thought originally. Teens can choose to not be seen by other people and many do because privacy is such a large issue today. Yes, this feature could still be considered dangerous but Snapchat still maintains a clear image in dealing with privacy rights of their users.

The Bitmoji Snap Map may contribute to privacy issues, but there are more risky software. Google Earth has the ability to show people’s houses and exact address. So the fact that many are freaking out because of this is not rational.

Social Media in general allows many people to share their life with others. Snapchat just took it a step further by sharing location. Snapchat is an app that wants to make money. The owners of Snapchat know what appeals to its users.

Because today’s generation is all about letting people know what happens every second of their life, it makes sense that Snapchat would make the map.

Today’s generation likes to feel important. And Snapchat made a move to attract more users. But the Bitmoji Snap Map is safe and kids will make the right decision if they are taught right.