Spiking it Up

Senior volleyball player proves her worth despite struggles

The ball is thrown high in the air, WHACK, it’s a spike.

“I wanted to start playing volleyball in fourth grade but they kept pushing the age back so I could not start until seventh grade,” senior Haley Miller said.

Coaching difficulties gave Haley an opportunity to rise to leadership and become an example for the rest of her team.

“Freshman and Sophomore year we struggled with coaches so it helped me step up and become a leader because I went from being captain of JV to being captain of Varsity,” Miller said.

Some athletes decide to extend their season, and play volleyball  year round by joining a club to perfect their skills outside of the normal season.

“Playing club got me 100% into volleyball and it  pushed me over the edge and I love The Academy because the tournaments were so fun,” Miller said.

Many different factors can contribute to someone’s love of a sport, sometimes it is the person that pushes the athlete the hardest.

“The coach was so passionate and it made me love it and it made me realize how passionate I was about it,” Miller said.

For many people sports give them a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially if they are a natural born athlete.

“Volleyball gave me a lot of confidence because Herron doesn’t excel in sports so I was one of the better ones on the team,” Miller said.

Every athlete knows the struggle of stepping up and taking charge when things get tough. Senior Haley Miller shows her leadership with her stature. Miller stepped up and took charge this volleyball season when coaches were not enough for the team. Olivia Franklin photo