Starbucks Cups: More Uses Than One

Starbucks Cups: More Uses than One

An ordinary girl makes use of a Starbucks cup in an unusual way and it doesn’t go as planned

Elizabeth Cheatham is a runner and cheerleader at Martinsville High School in Martinsville Indiana. These two simple sports are important to her everyday life, for example she runs because it is a major stress reliever to her. She also finds cheer leading important to her everyday life because of how close her team is and the strong bonds they share while relying on each other. Her enjoyment in food comes from her regular physical activity. She enjoys green apples, orange peels, and even eating entire lemons.

Elizabeth lives on a farm with her parents, two older sisters, two younger twin brothers, and three dogs including a new German Shepard puppy. Although taking care of all of the animals on the farm is hard work, in the long run.

“It’s always worth it because you make money from the cows” Elizabeth said.

Even though a traumatic experience to a yearbook influenced event was difficult, she is continuing her fourth year, now as an editor of her yearbook. Once when traveling home from Ball State, she had to pee. Upon not being able to pull over and use the restroom, she peed in her Starbucks cup. Although her plan seemed like it was going smoothly, it got all over the seat an the cup even rolled back to other passengers.

Among her interests and beliefs, Elizabeth wants to later attend a school of pharmacy and possibly even research in this field. She really just wants to be involved in some field that deals with science where she is still able to help others. One of her biggest dreams, other than becoming a pharmacist, include spending the night in the castle of Cinderella in Disney World.

To her, dreaming is believing.

Growing up on a farm has shaped the person Elizabeth has become. “Growing up on a farm has made me appreciate nature more,” Elizabeth said.