Surviving High School for Tatiana DeWitt

Kankakee Valley High School wasn’t prepared for the freshman who was gonna become a star student. Tatiana DeWitt started her high school in 2011 at Kankakee Valley in Wheatfield, Ind. During her freshman year she joined newspaper and cheerleading.

“Freshman year was a big adjustment for me, when I met all my close friends and when I started I became more outgoing, my freshman year was probably my favorite year of high school,” DeWitt said. 

To Tatiana, Kankakee had a lot of programs and extracurricular activities.

“Kankakee was not big,world community, mostly all white, judgemental, people had their own cliques,” DeWitt said.

During DeWitt’s sophomore year she really didn’t enjoy it as much it was very monotonous and she feels she didn’t learn as much.

DeWitt was not just fond of newspaper through high school, she also joined the cheerleading team.

DeWitt’s junior year was a little better for her because she was still a cheerleader but she finally joined the yearbook staff and loved it.

“Ms.Mckinney was a really big help to me  and all my classmates. She was like a yearbook mentor for me. Ms.Mckinney made class fun and more entertaining than some of the teachers I had my junior year,” DeWitt said.  

Her junior year she was in student council, was class president, a freshman mentor, newspaper, and quill and scroll.

Senior year DeWitt was in yearbook,newspaper , and some school plays, but no longer in cheerleading.

“I was in my school play “Mulan” I was one the guys who gets taken by the Huns because I can sing the low notes better than the guys.” Tatiana explains her theater passion.

DeWitt was not just fond of yearbook, newspaper and other activities , but her second favorite class that she enjoyed was AP English with Mr.Adams because he taught them a lot but it relied to life.

“Try not to stress and just enjoy the appreciate the time and just try to find one thing that you really enjoy and when your stress just focus on that.” Tatiana say as she encourages all students.