clark hadley

Students learn to resolve conflicts

Students attend the conflict resolution break-out session to learn how to deal with issues that may arise on their staffs.

According to Diana Hadley, communication is key when resolving conflict.

On July 13, students attending the High School Journalism Institute attended break-out sessions to further expand upon their skills on newspaper staff. Among these sessions ranging from story ideas to editor roundtable was conflict resolution. Lead by Diana Hadley, students attendees learned to address and resolve conflicts that may come up on their newspaper staffs.

(left to right) Clark and Diana Hadley begin an exercise in which verbal communication is not allowed.

To begin, Hadley and her husband, Clark, performed an exercise in which there could only be non-verbal communication. In the exercise Hadley had to follow her husband’s lead who represented an editor in a leadership position. Hadley said …
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