Ernie Pyle Hall

Indiana University paves way in sports technology

The audience's role in theatre

Students and community members visit the Wells-Metz Theatre to enjoy “Sense and Sensibility.”

Jonathan Michaelson, Chair of the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Dance at Indiana University, dedicates his time to the theatre.

Robbie Stanton, a costume designer for Indiana University, explains his part in bringing the show to the audience.

Jenny McNight and Grant Goodman, hired equity actors, are performing in “Sense and Sensibility” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“If we work well together, we’re better,” Jonathan Michaelson, the chairman of Indiana University’s Theatre Department said. The truth of this statement resonates, not just with thespians, but also with audience members.

“We come to a lot of the plays,” said Connie Hegarty, an audience member. Connie Hegarty and her husband Harv Hegarty have been on multiple theater boards and Connie Hegarty spent her childhood going to the theater.

“It’s live entertainment,” said Harv Hegarty, showing …
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Teachers reflect on time at Ernie Pyle Hall

It’s the end of the line for Ernie Pyle Hall. At least as a classroom building.

On July 25, the Media School will move out of Ernie Pyle Hall, marking an end to the building responsible for teaching a long line of journalism students. After renovations it will house a career center.

The building has a long line of history, and the closing of it is bittersweet for many teachers at the High School Journalism Institute who have attended classes and taught there.


When did you first come to Ernie Pyle Hall?

“I was a student here from 1981 until 1986.”

What is one of your favorite memories of the building?

“I remember one of the first years I was teaching at HSJI it was about 1989. I had to do a big lecture in the auditorium. I knew had to get people’s attention, and my lecture was talking …
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Farewell to Ernie Pyle Hall

As many may know, the Media School will begin moving into Franklin Hall, July 25. Since 1954, the journalism department at IU has been stationed in Ernie Pyle Hall. This building, named after the famous journalist Ernie Pyle himself, holds a special meaning to IU students, faculty, and alumni. HSJI students (this week and next week) will be the last group of journalists to be taught in Ernie Pyle Hall.

After next week, Ernie Pyle Hall will no longer be used to teach up-and-coming journalists.

In the Yearbook class, instructor Jeff Gabbard (and Janet McKinney who is not pictured) discussed the themes of yearbooks and what makes a good and bad yearbook with their students.

To “warm up” before the first session of the day, Web Packaging instuctor Denise Roberts led the class in some goofy stretches.

Many of the old classrooms that are not …
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