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Meet a Student from HSJI: Gretel Payne

Jaelyn White shares some information about HSJI student Gretel Payne.

New school poses challenges, old hobbies remain the same

Betty Chen, a junior from Diamond Bar High School, is attending HJSI this week. She recently moved from Corona del Mar High School to where she is now.

Moving to a new school can be scary, confusing and maybe a little bit overwhelming. Betty Chen has experienced first hand what this can feel like.

Last year was Chen’s first year at Diamond Bar High School. She previously attended Corona del Mar High School. The schools, both located in southern California, are about an hour away from each other. The switch in schools stemmed from her mom’s desire for Chen to be in a school with less Asians. The high school she attends now is mainly Caucasian, Chen said.

According to Chen, getting acclimated to a new school is hard because she had to make all new friends with people she didn’t know. …
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