Break-out session: Branding and Corporate Image

Greg Mosley, is giving students a session about branding and corporate image.

On July 13, Greg Mosley gave a session about branding and corporate image. He said, ” Building a brand is different from marketing.”

Branding is the expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service. But marketing is actively promoting a product or service. It is a tool for pushing consumers.

Mosley used selling tomatoes as an example of branding. Mosley says,” There are different people selling tomatoes at a farmer’s market. The smart guy at the end cuts up his best tomatoes into pieces. And he goes, ‘Try my tomatoes.’ He also brings his homemade spaghetti sauce, and puts them in sample cups. You taste it and say, ‘this is the most delicious tomato I’ve ever had!’ Then he says, ‘I know right! Would you like my …
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A few new wrinkles in 70 years of HSJI

The High School Journalism Institute has survived a long time. Find out what has changed in 70 years and what never will.

Meet a Student From HSJI: Nick Wagner

Tess Plazek shares some information about HSJI student Nick Wagner.

Meet a Student from HSJI: Gretel Payne

Jaelyn White shares some information about HSJI student Gretel Payne.

New school year, new challenges

Sydnee Marqueling, a rising senior from Northrop High School, is looking forward for new challenges.

Sydnee Marqueling, a rising senior from Northrop high school who loves journalism and theater.

Sydnee lives in Fort Wayne, a quiet town in Indiana. In contrast, there is a lot of drama going on within her school.

“This April, two people were hospitalized after using fake Xanax pills they got from another student on campus.”Sydnee said,”the 18-year-old who sold the pills was arrested and charged. Police came to school and it made the news.” Sydnee can’t imagine what will happen the coming school year while she works with theater and news.

Like other teenagers, Sydnee loves staying at home on weekends, sleeping. But, during winter and summer break, she gets to do special traveling. Sydnee visits her parents and grandparents in different towns since they separated. She …
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Meet Asia Porter

Asia Porter a junior at Mason High School and an avid writer.

She’s from Mason High School in Mason, Ohio and she loves to play volleyball. Also Asia Porter and her sister are exactly four years apart in age to the day.

When she was younger she enjoyed playing soccer, but as she got older she quit and went to volleyball. Another thing she enjoys doing is playing the piano at her church where she is involved in the youth ministry as well as several others. She was in her high school band but she had to quit when she found that it didn’t fit into her schedule.

When not at church, practice, or school Asia spends time at popular local attractions like Kings Island, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other spots around town. She also spends time with her older sister …
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This is Isabel Marotta.

Isabel Marotta is a rising junior at William Mason High School who is on her way to do great things.

When it comes to Isabel Marotta, she describes herself as a Christian.

“That’s a really big part of my life,” Marotta said. Yet, Marotta wasn’t raised Christian. “My dad raised us Catholic. I absolutely hated it and thought it was super strict.” Marotta soon found herself volunteering at Young Life. Young Life is a world-class organization for adolescents. “I realized religion isn’t always strict,” Marotta said.

During her time at Young Life. Marotta cooked and baked for over 500 kids. “I was working 12 hours a day, for seven days a week for the whole month.” Apart from Marotta volunteering at Young Life, she also ministers seventh grade girls. “The girls come to me with their problems, …
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Farewell to Ernie Pyle Hall

As many may know, the Media School will begin moving into Franklin Hall, July 25. Since 1954, the journalism department at IU has been stationed in Ernie Pyle Hall. This building, named after the famous journalist Ernie Pyle himself, holds a special meaning to IU students, faculty, and alumni. HSJI students (this week and next week) will be the last group of journalists to be taught in Ernie Pyle Hall.

After next week, Ernie Pyle Hall will no longer be used to teach up-and-coming journalists.

In the Yearbook class, instructor Jeff Gabbard (and Janet McKinney who is not pictured) discussed the themes of yearbooks and what makes a good and bad yearbook with their students.

To “warm up” before the first session of the day, Web Packaging instuctor Denise Roberts led the class in some goofy stretches.

Many of the old classrooms that are not …
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Welcome to Franklin Hall

The Media School begins moving into its new home on July 25. The Public Relations Team managed a sneak peek of the state-of-the-art facilities.

Meet the HSJI Class of 2016

Tess Plazek introduces a few students attending HSJI this summer.