Ink on Lined Paper

Senior Tess Murray used writing to share ideas, relieve stress.

Writing can be used to drive a certain point to an audience–to inform the public. It can be used to entertain. Senior Tess Murray from Hinsdale South High School used her own writing for relief from stress and as a way to utilize her talents for putting words on paper. Murray’s writing abilities had given her a position on the yearbook staff at her school in Darien, Illinois, which allowed her to share her written creations with the audience at her school.

“My favorite writing is the writing that I do do through being in the yearbook, which is mostly feature writing,” Murray said. “I find it so cool to meet and learn about so many people that I normally wouldn’t [meet].”

Murray took pride in her work for the school yearbook. She …
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What to Expect at HSJI

When signing up for HSJI I had no idea as to what I would be doing or what I should expect-I had never been before. While it was fun and suspenseful to wait until I was at Indiana University for details, I wish I had known the things that HSJI students would be doing. For example, if I had known how much walking would be done outside I would have brought lighter colored shirts so I could stay cooler. Also, some other students could have been informed about how much walking was involved and they could have brought tennis shoes instead of flip flops. In order to solve this problem for future students, I figured what I could do is create a timeline syllabus for people that are wanting to know what they are doing. As a result, this timeline …
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