Balfour Program creates space for students to relate

When Indiana University student and former Balfour Scholar Ramir Williams lost his mother, no one knew, not even his friends at the Balfour Scholars Program. When he revealed his mother’s passing at the awards ceremony, they clung to him like family.

“It built that relationship and family that want to make sure that you stay up and want to make sure that you take care of yourself, just that family aspect of Balfour,” Williams said.

When his mother passed, after Williams entered into the Balfour program, he had a deeper feeling of belonging, and the other students in the program became like a small family to comfort him.

“That [the death of his mother]  actually kind of connected a lot of the students that I come to know now at IU,” Williams said.

The Balfour Scholars program, is a free program for …
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