Photography makes dream a reality

A chocolate brown iris peers through a small rectangular window to spy the perfect moment. As that moment approaches, a fingertip meets a smooth, round button, and click. Story, memory, moment. Captured.

“Photography has always been a big part of my life because my grandpa photographed every waking moment of my childhood,” Ally Neutze said.

As a rising senior at Indiana University, Ally Neutze has strived to follow her passion as a photographer through starting her own business and trying to pursue photography as a career.

Neutze currently majors in journalism, with a concentration in photojournalism, and minors in business. In the second semester of her freshman year of college, she became an intern at Blueline Media Productions in Bloomington, Indiana, and after a year Blueline hired her as a photographer. She now works at Blueline as a lifestyle, sports, portrait, and wedding …
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