Kevin Kratz HsJI

Student journalist receives backlash for controversial article

In the middle of St. Xavier, a conservative Jesuit school outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, young writer Nick Wagner finishes his all-time favorite piece and submits it for publish, confident as can be. As the paper reaches the student body, people begin turning heads to the lengthy editorial that Wagner wrote. Titled “I Am a Feminist (yikes),” the all-male student populace began to respond to the article, for better or for worse

“The last issue of the year is published on a day called Music Fest, which is basically where we just go to our homerooms for 15 minutes then we go out front in the parking lot,” Wagner said. Once he and his peers reach this area, they start to eat the fresh barbecue, listen to the live music, and play a variety of sports. While Wagner was enjoying a fun …
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