Lauren Smith HSJI

A New Culture is brought to Indianapolis

Excitement, anxiety and trepidation. In anticipation for her French exchange student to arrive, Gabi Hanahan, junior at Cathedral High School, felt the eagerness engulf her.

Hanahan’s French exchange student, Marie, is from Lyon, France, and stayed with Hanahan and her family for two and a half weeks in April.

“My mom was really nervous about our exchange student coming because we have never done anything like that,” Hanahan said.

She has always aspired to host a French exchange student, but she had planned to be involved in the program during her junior or senior year. However, she ended up hosting Marie her sophomore year because it was the right time for Hanahan’s family, and it felt academically easier for Hanahan.

Marie and many other French students shadowed their hosts through their school classes everyday.

“I felt anxious about spending time with (Marie), but it was …
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