Voice out of Violence

“Bombs, rockets tear through Syrian regime strongholds”

“Islamic State attack in Saudi Arabia targeted U.S. military”

“Obama Says He Will Keep More Troops in Afghanistan Than Planned”

“Taliban Attack on Afghan Police Cadets Kills at Least 33”

These are all articles that can be found in the New York Times.

These are the stories that Americans have been faced with since 2001, however, no one can truly understand the horrors facing the Middle East through a TV screen or newspaper. To Soraya Woorzad, these headlines bring back nightmares of her life before coming to the United States. Soraya escaped from Afghanistan in 1989 when she was only 22 years old with her husband and daughter to escape the destruction, oppression and violence they experienced.

“At the time in Afghanistan they could not broadcast on TV . . . Thousands, thousands of people died in one day …
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