Ink on Lined Paper

Senior Tess Murray used writing to share ideas, relieve stress.

Writing can be used to drive a certain point to an audience–to inform the public. It can be used to entertain. Senior Tess Murray from Hinsdale South High School used her own writing for relief from stress and as a way to utilize her talents for putting words on paper. Murray’s writing abilities had given her a position on the yearbook staff at her school in Darien, Illinois, which allowed her to share her written creations with the audience at her school.

“My favorite writing is the writing that I do do through being in the yearbook, which is mostly feature writing,” Murray said. “I find it so cool to meet and learn about so many people that I normally wouldn’t [meet].”

Murray took pride in her work for the school yearbook. She …
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Lead Between the Lines

Senior Emily Chambers finds leadership in school activities

According to Forbes Magazine, commitment, confidence and intuition are just a few of the ten qualities that make a great leader. Senior Emily Chambers from Southport High School has attained numerous leadership qualities in her high school career alone.

Chambers was a leader in three high school activities. Not only did she excel in yearbook, she had also found leadership in Southport’s Booster Club, an organization that is in charge of the student section at sporting events and pep sessions.

“The former Booster Club members told us that it is a lot of hard work and that people will get mad at us on Twitter. I had to fill out an application, make a flyer for a specific sporting event in school and went through an interview process,” Chambers said. “Six people get …
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Farewell to Ernie Pyle Hall

As many may know, the Media School will begin moving into Franklin Hall, July 25. Since 1954, the journalism department at IU has been stationed in Ernie Pyle Hall. This building, named after the famous journalist Ernie Pyle himself, holds a special meaning to IU students, faculty, and alumni. HSJI students (this week and next week) will be the last group of journalists to be taught in Ernie Pyle Hall.

After next week, Ernie Pyle Hall will no longer be used to teach up-and-coming journalists.

In the Yearbook class, instructor Jeff Gabbard (and Janet McKinney who is not pictured) discussed the themes of yearbooks and what makes a good and bad yearbook with their students.

To “warm up” before the first session of the day, Web Packaging instuctor Denise Roberts led the class in some goofy stretches.

Many of the old classrooms that are not …
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