Take a Hike

Going Green with Paige

As we enter the forest, Paige’s demeanor changes; she becomes more enthusiastic and lighthearted. Paige examines the leaves on various types of trees. She enjoys looking at all the animals playing in the forest.

Paige Bryant feels at home surrounded by trees and all sorts of animals. While she’s immersed in nature, Paige feels relaxed without the stress of everyday life weighing on her. Though everyday life can be hectic at times, Paige makes the most of her school day by keeping up inside jokes with her best friend, Courtney. Small joys like these jokes, yearbook class, and volunteering at the school library help Paige get through the rough parts of her day, like loud and chaotic school lunches.

While Paige hikes during the summer, she would rather stay inside during the colder months. However, she does venture out from time to time in December to look at the colorful Christmas lights and decorations, but only with a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep warm.

During the rest of the year, Paige enjoys comfortable days inside watching her favorite shows whenever she gets a day off from her dojo. Paige has been wholeheartedly committed to her dojo for 5 years and has already progressed enough to earn a green belt with a black stripe.

Along with karate, Paige enjoys music. She can play the clarinet, though she hasn’t recently, but her love of music is so great that she has a tattoo of a flower surrounded by music notes on her right shoulder blade.

Recently, Paige experienced her first concert; she saw One Republic and was completely enthralled with the concert’s ambiance. She described the atmosphere, saying, “It was way more than whatever I was expecting. Everyone was singing along and it’s like you could feel the love in the room.”

Paige is definitely attending another concert in the near future, though she doesn’t know exactly which one yet. Paige is also excited to continue gaining experience and getting to a higher level in karate.