Teachers’ Credits and Fees


The practicums are offered as non-credit for a flat fee of $250 per course. The Staff Retreat is offered only as non-credit for a low fee of $25.

For credit:

Tuition fees for summer 2022 were $412.87 per graduate credit for residents and $1,330.51 per graduate credit for nonresidents, plus a mandatory fee of $218.31 (enrolled in three hours or fewer) to cover miscellaneous costs. (See the IU bursar’s website for a description of miscellaneous fees. Additional fees are charged to students taking four or more hours.) A $25 non-refundable workshop fee must accompany the online registration form for those taking a workshop for credit. While in-state and out-of-state fees are different, non-Indiana residents taking an eligible workshop receive a fee remission to bring their costs down to approximately the same as in-state residents. (Fees are subject to change).

After submitting your registration form you will be sent instructions to register online for graduate credit. The bursar’s office will generate a bill for you after the workshop has begun for tuition. The bursar website explains bill and payment procedures.