Teacher Workshops

Attending a High School Journalism Institute summer workshop will enable you to learn from expert media educators while earning credit toward certification. Some courses will involve readings to be completed in advance and a major project due one week following the workshop. Register here.

Optional low-cost, air-conditioned lodging available on campus in Spruce Hall.

Registration deadline: June 15

NEW for 2020: Professional Development Workshop, July 7
Pulitzer Prize winner Tom French will share strategies for developing writing prompts and helping students overcome writers block.

Independent Study for Journalism Educators
Earn graduate credit (fee remission for non-residents is not available)

You may create your own course or special project through the IU Media School’s independent study course, and receive credit for your work. Those enrolled in this section will arrange to meet once or twice with supervisor. Participants may earn one, two or three graduate credit hours for their work.

To apply, submit a completed proposal form to Teresa White (terwhite@indiana.edu) by May 15. Request the J804 Proposal for Independent Study form from Linda Johnson (ljjohnso@indiana.edu). We will review proposals in the order we receive them. Within two weeks of receipt, you will learn if your proposal has been accepted and we will send you a link to the online graduate school application.

Our hope is that work produced by J804 students will be published or shared with the scholastic journalism community.

Supervisor: Teresa White, director of the High School Journalism Institute.

Staff Retreat, July 6-10, July 12-16
Non-credit workshop

Imagine spending five days surrounded by students and faculty who are passionate about journalism and student media. Imagine having five days to focus on preparing for the upcoming school year. Think how much you and your staff could accomplish while being away at a journalism retreat that you don’t have to plan or manage.

Sound good? If so, register for our staff retreat, which will run concurrently with our student workshops July 6-10 and July 12-16.

During the retreat, you’ll stay in an air-conditioned residence hall on the faculty floor near your students. Each day, you’ll choose lectures and small group sessions to audit.  At lunch, you may dine with your students, dine with our faculty or dine with our visiting journalism professionals. Each day, you’ll have opportunities to meet with your staff, refresh your journalism skills, and learn from experienced journalism educators and professionals. In other words, you can customize your journalism retreat.

Practicum, July 6-10, July 12-16

Earn graduate credit or professional growth experience points (non-residents are eligible for a fee remission)

Like our other student and teacher workshops, the Practicum provides opportunities for you to learn from experienced journalism educators and professionals while immersed in a media-rich environment. This workshop provides the most flexibility in meeting the needs of journalism teachers working toward license renewal or certification.

If you register for the Practicum, you’ll design your own course of study, which can range from practical application of journalism skills to study of best practices in teaching journalism.  For example, you may learn how to plan and publish a successful yearbook, learn how to set up and manage a student media website with WordPress, learn how to use Photoshop to edit pictures, learn how to produce multimedia stories or learn how to manage and motivate a staff of student journalists. HSJI converged newsrooms will serve as your teaching and learning laboratory.

Practicum contact hours can be used to earn graduate credit (one to three hours) or professional growth experience points (one hour equals one point per Indiana Department of Education for license renewal). If you choose to earn graduate credit, please request the J804 Proposal for Independent Study form from Linda Johnson (ljjohnso@indiana.edu) and return to Teresa White (terwhite@indiana.edu). During the time you’re on campus, you may audit any of the skills lectures we present to the students, interact with master teachers and assist students in producing online content for HSJI.

If you’re a student media adviser, this workshop provides excellent opportunities for hands-on training.