Teachers’ Credits and Fees

For credit:

(Fees for 2020 will be updated spring 2020). Tuition fees for summer 2019 were $384.36 per graduate credit for residents and $1,330.51 per graduate credit for nonresidents, plus a mandatory fee of $206.05 (enrolled in three hours or fewer) to cover miscellaneous costs. (See the IU bursar’s website for a description of miscellaneous fees. Additional fees are charged to students taking four or more hours.) A $25 non-refundable workshop fee must accompany the online registration form for those taking a workshop for credit. While in-state and out-of-state fees are different, non-Indiana residents taking an eligible workshop receive a fee remission to bring their costs down to approximately the same as in-state residents. (Fees are subject to change).

After submitting your registration form and payment, we will send you IU registration materials to complete. After these have been completed and mailed back to HSJI, you will be officially registered with the university. The bursar’s office will generate a bill for you after the workshop has begun for tuition. The bursar website explains bill and payment procedures.

The practicums also are offered as non-credit for a flat fee of $250 per course. The Staff Retreat is offered only as non-credit for a low fee of $25.