The Camper of Adventures

She loves to camp outdoors.

One of the few workers at Camp Echo, Maggie Westover, from Evanston Illinois, helps children have a great time like she did.
"Being outside helps me to remember how to enjoy the little things in life", said Maggie Westover.

Maggie Westover enjoying the nature outside of IU campus during break time.

“I love being there, everyone is so nice and welcoming when I first went to Camp Echo.”, said senior, Westover. She loved being at camp so much that she eventually became a worker their during her 6th year. Were during her first week of camp, she worked on kitchen/food duty. Then for her second week, she moved to child care. Where she got to help children with arts and crafts, as well as helping them have a good time. How she got into camp was actually from her mother making her go, but after her second day, she loved it.

That going into another form of camping that Maggie went on called, “Adventures”. Including six other girls and herself, they all went along on this big trip. It was such a big trip that they had to bring big packs that they carried with them until they got to their campsite through the woods. Inside of there, packs was clothes, sleeping bag, foods, tents, and even tiny stoves to cook their meals. In total this turned out to being an 11 hour trip of walking and exploring in the hot and humid sun that day.

Nearing towards the end of the day trip, Maggie and the six other girls made it to there campsite, located right beside a lake. Maggie stated, “The best part of the trip was running out into the lake and swimming out to the little island at the center. We got to the island and just laid out on our backs, on the ground, looking up at the sky. Ending the day off good.”

She had been on many different trips including Florida and California, but through all of these trips, she was able to take out amazing memories and life skills. One being, how to bring the best out of the littlest moments, as well as how to create a fire with leaves and fire starters. With many memories she has had, one of the funniest ones was when people would always walk by the pensilva at her camp. She said, “They would start to sing songs and people would just randomly sing along. It was a great part of camp that I will not forget.”