The Color Guardian

Raquel Teutle performs a leap jump, a move included in her previous school year’s color guard show. “Getting a dance routine down is not as hard once you know and practice it, but in the beginning it is one of the tougher aspects of color guard,” Teutle said.

High school color guard participant uses past experiences to prepare herself for upcoming season as color guard captain.


The extensive application required for becoming Plymouth High School’s next color guard team captain neared its due date as rising senior, Raquel Teutle, rushed to get her teacher recommendations and complete an essay that analyzed her strengths. After five years of winter guard, two seasons of fall color guard, and countless hours teaching herself how to handle and maneuver a rifle, she was finally chosen, by the marching band staff.

Having been a natural leader all her life, Teutle was being unknowingly prepared for this position through various other circumstances in her life. The thing that makes Teutle the happiest is when she is helping others and making them smile and laugh.

“I love bringing people together and making connections, which is a necessary skill to have in a color guard team of about 15 people who can tend to get very dramatic and cliquey,”  Teutle said.

Seeing as helping others is what keeps her going, Teutle recently went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico with her church and also helped recover damaged houses in her community after a devastating flood wounded Plymouth just before Memorial Day. The flood’s only upside was that it allowed the students of her high school to get out early, so she took this opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives.

Also she previously played center of defense for her soccer team for nine years.

Reflecting on her leadership, Teutle said, “Being in this position requires one to be very intentionally inclusive of all team members and promote unity so that a goal can be scored.”

She has a younger sister who is 12, and incidentally also a cat who is the same age. Being an older sister has challenged her to be a good role model and to lead by example, which has greatly influenced her attention to supervision and overall her leadership mindset.

These aspects all incognizantly aided in her preparation for taking on the somewhat daunting task of leading a group of girls.  These experiences have all collaborated together to produce good character and a hard work ethic, which convinced the marching band staff that Teutle was the best choice for this leadership position.

Although this is a wonderful opportunity, Teutle said,  “My biggest fear is not helping to bring the group to its highest potential.” Regardless, she is still thrilled to be in this position and is very much up for the challenge of captaining.

Regardless of fears or worries, especially since she has to miss a few events while she is away at the High School Journalism Institute, she believes her upcoming season is bound to be a wonderful opportunity for continued growth and development of her already thriving leadership.